Lindsay McCrae My Penguin Year

Friday 1st November 2019, 8.00pm
Venue: Woodbridge Library

Award-winning wildlife cameraman Lindsay McCrae has written an extraordinary account of the time he spent alongside emperor penguins in Antarctica.

Filming for the BBC ‘Dynasties’ series was the fulfillment of a childhood dream but meant spending an entire year 15,000km from home. Winter lasted eight months when no one could get in or out of their station on the ice.

In this illustrated talk, Lindsay shares the highs and lows of the experience, as well as giving further insight into the lives of these extraordinary birds.

This event takes place slightly later than usual at 8pm, at Woodbridge Library. Doors open at 7.30pm and non-alcoholic refreshments will be served on arrival.

Tickets are £20 to include a copy of 'My Penguin Year' (RRP £20). One additional ticket may be purchased without the book for £10.

Available from Browsers Bookshop, 60 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. Tel: 01394 388890

My Penguin Year
by Lindsay McCrae