Everybody died, so I got a dog

by Emily Dean
Everybody died, so I got a dog
by Emily Dean

Life for the Dean family was out of the ordinary.

The parents worked in theatre and television, were often moving house, never knew if there was money to pay the bills, and enjoyed glamorous friends.

But sisters Rachel and Emily longed for a normal family - a family with a dog.

Together the girls survived their upbringing by celebrating the hilarious and the ridiculous, and they became masters of anecdotes and punchlines.

Rachel grew up to have the family life she craved with a loving husband, two children and a dog. Then she was diagnosed with cancer.

In three years Emily, now a fashion journalist and radio presenter, had lost her sister and both her parents.

She shares her story of how it is possible to overcome the worst that life can throw at you, that it's never too late to make peace with your past, and that the right time is only ever now. Her healing finally begins when she finds a dog of her own.

This is the most wonderful, beautiful, funny memoir.

It tells of a world of sparkle and privilege - names of well-known actors, singers and comedians are quietly dropped into the narrative - but shows that we are all fragile and troubled beneath the masks we present.

The account of her childhood is hugely entertaining, her period of loss is devastating, and her journey to self-discovery is fascinating and enlightening. And then we are introduced to her dog, Raymond.

There's so much to enjoy and to learn from this book - not least how to write a stunning memoir. I will be returning to this book time and again, I'm sure. It's brilliant!



Review date: May 2019
Publication date: 6th June 2019