Details for 'The Babysitter' by Phoebe Morgan

The Babysitter

by Phoebe Morgan
One summer, in Suffolk a body is found draped over a baby's cot, but the baby is missing. In France a family holiday is interrupted by the police making an arrest for murder. How are the families connected, what secrets are they hiding, and where is the baby? Published 28 May 2020.
The Babysitter
by Phoebe Morgan
My review:

Caroline Harvey's body is found draped over a baby's cot. She has been murdered, but the baby left in her care is missing.

Siobhan Dillon is on holiday with her family in her sister's home in France when her husband is arrested on suspicion of murder.

How does he know Caroline? Did he kill her? And where is the baby?

This is a fascinating, intriguing and convincing thriller told initially from two perspectives - the two women in the life of Callum Dillon, the accused.

It's a fabulous read, set in the Suffolk towns of Woodbridge and Ipswich, as well as the rural French holiday home. There are twists to keep you guessing throughout and the characters are believable and engaging. I raced through it on a sunny afternoon in the garden, eager to find out 'whodunnit' but disappointed when I came to the end of a gripping read!

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Review date April 2020
Publication date: 28th May 2020