For many years I've kept a journal of all the books I read during the year. When this began, I set myself a target of a book a week. These days I far exceed that number and I try to include reviews of the books which have been particularly notable on this site. I hope you'll find it useful in choosing the next book you might like to pick up - there are a few categories to help you in your search. And please let me know if you agree, or disagree, with my comments!

It's been a privilege and a pleasure to share my reading with the listeners of BBC Radio Suffolk and recordings of some of my reviews are available here.


Recent reviews

by Penelope Lively
This beautifully presented book is full of fascinating information about books, writing, life, and gardening.
Review date: 28.03.20
by Esther Rutter
Taking a year to explore knitting throughout the British Isles - a beautifully executed account of a journey through social history and creativity.
Review date: 22.02.20
by Kate Murphy
So many of today's problems could be resolved if we'd just listen more carefully to each other. Lots of lightbulb moments in this fascinating, inspiring and enabling read!
Review date: 22.02.20
by Katherine May
A fascinating and thought-provoking memoir inviting us all to take time out to regroup and recuperate.
Review date: 17.02.20
by Clare Pooley
The lives of six strangers collide when they pick up a notebook and confront the truth about their lives. A lose-yourself, uplifting read with a serious theme to ponder! Published 2 April 2020.
Review date: 01.02.20
by Virginia Nicholson
A fascinating presentation of what the events and movements of this decade really meant to women's lives at the time.
Review date: 19.01.20
by Gill Hornby
Why did Cassandra burn the letters written by her sister, Jane Austen? It has troubled academics for decades, but novelist Gill Hornby gives us her perspective in this beautiful and sensitive portrayal of Cassandra in old age and in flashback.
Review date: 12.01.20
by Deborah Orr
A moving, engrossing memoir where the author explores her conflicting responses to her upbringing in Scotland.
Review date: 10.01.20
by Hannah Fry
A fascinating and thought-provoking account of how algorithms are affecting every part of our lives today.
Review date: 06.01.20