For many years I've kept a journal of all the books I read during the year. When this began, I set myself a target of a book a week. These days I far exceed that number and I try to include reviews of the books which have been particularly notable on this site. I hope you'll find it useful in choosing the next book you might like to pick up - there are a few categories to help you in your search. And please let me know if you agree, or disagree, with my comments!

It's been a privilege and a pleasure to share my reading with the listeners of BBC Radio Suffolk and recordings of some of my reviews are available here.


Recent reviews

by Wilbur Smith
Recommended for children
A fabulous African adventure for older children from the master storyteller, Wilbur Smith, with Chris Wakling.
Review date: 28.05.20
by Emily St John Mandel
Review date: 27.05.20
by Joanna Cannon
Recommended non-fiction
A frank, moving and beautifully written memoir exploring, through the highs and lows of her career path, why the author could not continue as a junior doctor.
Review date: 27.05.20
by Martin Walker
Published 26 May 2020. A joyous return to the Dordogne, France, to step into the life of rural policeman, Bruno with his dog, Balzac. There's great food, a fabulous way of life, good friendships and a mystery to solve. Wonderful escapist stuff!
Review date: 20.05.20
by Hilary Boyd
A gripping family drama about choices and consequences. Published 6 August 2020.
Review date: 16.05.20
by Onjali Q. Rauf
Recommended for children
A beautifully told story of believing in a star, but with the backdrop of domestic abuse, grief and foster care.
Review date: 16.05.20
by Belinda Bauer
A quirky, comical murder mystery. Not what I was expecting! Loved it. Published 11 February 2021.
Review date: 16.05.20
by Raynor Winn
Recommended non-fiction
An extraordinary and inspiring memoir of how a couple face the loss of everything they've held dear by going on a very long walk!
Review date: 13.05.20
by Kit de Waal
Recommended for children
A coming-of-age road trip novel about identity, loss, friendship, fractured relationships, which is also described as a feminist take on 'Moby Dick'! I thought it wonderful.
Review date: 29.04.20