Details for 'Bloom' by Ann Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen


by Ann Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen
Recommended age: 3+
A beautiful and surprising picture book with a powerful message.
by Ann Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen
My review:

Every morning a little girl walked by a garden where the most beautiful flower grew. The little girl would tell the flower how much she loved to see it but one day the owner of the flower shouted at her and told her to stop.

The next day, the flower did not open.

The angry man tried everything to make the flower bloom again, and even started talking to the flower himself. He told the flower how wonderful he was, how important his job was and how lonely he felt. But it still refused to open.

Finally, the man asked the little girl what he should do. She told him to tell the flower how beautiful it was and how much he loved it. As he did so, his own heart filled with love. And the flower bloomed.

Aimed at children aged 3+, we can all learn from reading and pondering the message of this book. The story is simple but clear and thought-provoking, and so many elements of the lives of the little girl and the angry man, and of our world today, can be picked up in the beautiful illustrations.

Review date September 2020