Details for 'How to Be More Paddington' by Michael Bond

How to Be More Paddington

by Michael Bond
Recommended age: - all ages
Wise words and beautiful pictures of the world according to Paddington Bear.
How to Be More Paddington
by Michael Bond
My review:

Paddington Bear always has a strong sense of right and wrong, so much so that his creator, Michael Bond said that he would often consider how the bear would deal with any situation he was facing.

In this book we all have the benefit of the wise words and positive outlook of this very special bear.

Paddington shares his thoughts on being friendly, being helpful and thoughtful, being polite and positive, and ultimately being Paddington.

Accompanied by the beautiful original illustrations, this is a wonderful book to cherish and return to time and again. It's sure to bring a smile and lift the spirits, and will be appreciated by all ages.

Review date November 2020
Publication date: 29th October 2020