Details for 'The Stubborn Light of Things' by Melissa Harrison

The Stubborn Light of Things

by Melissa Harrison
Beautiful to look at and to hold, this is a fascinating and engaging diary of nature in both city and countryside from this award-winning writer.
The Stubborn Light of Things
by Melissa Harrison
My review:

This is a collection of essays written by Melissa Harrison over a period of about six years, primarily for 'The Times' newspaper, charting her life and her love of nature in both city and countryside. 

Presented as a nature diary, tracking the seasons in urban and rural life, the book also recounts Melissa's own personal story moving from London to rural Suffolk.

The book complements the stunning, soothing, summery podcasts of the same name which Melissa posted throughout the early lockdown of 2020.

This is a beautiful and inspiring read which encourages us all to take better notice of our natural environment and, as we look and learn, so our appreciation and our understanding will grow and deepen, she says.

Something rather lovely to devour in one sitting and to dip into time and again!

Read my interview with Melissa here.

Review date December 2020
Publication date: 5th November 2020