Details for 'A Town Called Solace' by Mary Lawson

A Town Called Solace

by Mary Lawson
A gentle but powerful, funny and touching glimpse into a small Canadian community as three families cope with the day-to-day in the light of tragic events.
A Town Called Solace
by Mary Lawson
My review:

It's 1972 in a small town in Northern Ontario.

Rebellious teenager Rose has disappeared. After a family row, she stormed out of the house and now she's missing. 

Her sister Clara is just eight and is devastated, trying to come to terms with events in her own way but her parents are shielding her from the truth and she's getting more confused and anxious. Tasked with feeding the cat of her elderly neighbour who's been taken to hospital, Clara is taking her responsibility very seriously and concerned when a strange man seems to have moved into the house. 

Liam Kane has reached a crossroads in his life after divorce and redundancy, but he's been left the house by a woman he can hardly remember. He's trying to get things in order so that he can move on and start again.  

Elizabeth Orchard is at the end of her life, thinking on a sad mistake which had tragic consequences. She hopes she has time to make amends. 

As the lives of these three people collide, in their grief, regret, hope and love, we move alongside them. It's a quiet, poignant, gentle account of ordinary lives. Wonderfully told, with humour and tenderness. I didn't want to reach the final page, and am desperate to read more by this author. Incredible!

Date of my review December 2020
Book publication date: 18th February 2021