Details for 'Meredith, Alone' by Claire Alexander

Meredith, Alone

by Claire Alexander
Meredith hasn't stepped beyond her front door for 1,214 days, that's three years! What is it that is keeping Meredith at home?
Meredith, Alone
by Claire Alexander
My review:

Meredith seems fun to know and she seems quite content.

We meet her at home successfully managing her copy-writing job, cooking great meals and cakes, reading Emily Dickinson poems and completing jigsaws, with her cat Fred for company. There are occasional visits from her good friend, Sadie, online conversations with her StrengthInNumbers group and now Tom is calling by.

But Meredith hasn't left home for over three years and as she tells us more about her daily routine, she reveals some of the troubles and memories that have led to her current situation. And the panic attacks are very debilitating.

As Meredith builds relationships with her new friends, though, she grows in courage and confidence and it looks like she may one day be able to step outside once more.

This is a wonderfully enjoyable read. Meredith is a delight. She's calm, competent and compassionate. She just can't leave home at the moment. Her friends are lovely giving her just the right amount of encouragement, urging her gently to take ever increasing steps into the world outside her front door. It's a delightfully warm, kind and uplifting read. I loved it.


Date of my review April 2022
Book publication date: 9th June 2022