Details for 'Midwinter Burning' by Tanya Landman

Midwinter Burning

by Tanya Landman
Recommended age: 9+
A very moody time-slip novel set in Devon with evacuee Alfie learning about an ancient legend.
Midwinter Burning
by Tanya Landman
My review:

When Alfie is evacuated from London to the Devon countryside during the war, he is thrilled at the opportunity to make a new life for himself.

While there are all the animals and activities on the farm to explore, though, he still struggles to make friends at school. Then he meets Snidge, a boy who seems to be his age but has a strange way of speaking. 

One day Snidge disappears and there is a mystery surrounding the village which seems to be connected. 

The annual ritual held at the standing stones on the cliff is called Midwinter Burning. It's a harmless superstition according to Aunt Bell, but as Alfie tries to find Snidge, he discovers there's much more to the legend.

This is a very atmospheric time-slip novel for readers aged 9-12. It felt very appropriate reading in the cold, dark nights recently, and very enjoyable.

Review date December 2022
Publication date: 3rd November 2022