Details for 'Murder at Snowfall' by Fleur Hitchcock

Murder at Snowfall

by Fleur Hitchcock
Recommended age: 10+
A gripping, sinister, snowy murder mystery!
Murder at Snowfall
by Fleur Hitchcock
My review:

Described by the Sunday Times as “Much more Junior 'Line of Duty' than Junior Miss Marple”, I have to say that I find it strange that there is a genre of murder mysteries for young readers, and this title in particular was a little close to the edge in my opinion. But for confident and happy children of 10 upwards, this is an entertaining and enjoyable read...!

Ruby's mum works at a doctor's surgery where the GP has disappeared, computers have been stolen and there's been a fire. Then Ruby's home is burgled.

On top of all these strange and troubling events, Ruby's stepbrother Lucas thinks that a large case they've seen in the snow on their walk home is big enough to hold a body. And when they decide to open it to see, things take another sinister turn.

It's a story packed with intrigue and suspicious characters in a snowy setting, with access to a nearby safari park and the threat of wild animals thrown in for good measure. It's a real page-turner and great to read at this time of year, with another beautiful front cover!

Date of my review January 2023
Book publication date: 3rd November 2022