Details for 'Where The River Takes Us' by Lesley Parr

Where The River Takes Us

by Lesley Parr
Recommended age: 9+
A wonderfully nostalgic adventure, with the miners strikes of the 1970s as a backdrop.
Where The River Takes Us
by Lesley Parr
My review:

It's 1974 and the three day week is hitting everyone hard, but for Jason and his brother Richie, things are particularly difficult.

Jason is 13 and is being cared for by his older brother, Richie, since their parents have died. Richie is desperate to get things right and is determined not to ask for help, but this is leading him into trouble. Neither of the brothers want to be separated and they'll do anything to stay together.

When Jason reads about a wild cat roaming the countryside nearby, and learns that there is a reward for anyone who can get proof of the existence of the Wild Beast, he thinks this might be his way of helping contribute to the financial stability of the two brothers.

Jason's friends want to help. They're keen to be involved in this quest and so begins an adventure that has all the best qualities of the Famous Five, with just as much nostalgia in this 1970s setting. It's got a great pace with engaging characters and it's full of hope and resourcefulness. I loved it. Suitable for readers aged nine upwards. 

Date of my review January 2023
Book publication date: 16th March 2023