Details for 'Finding the Peacemakers' by Dan Morice

Finding the Peacemakers

by Dan Morice
An inspiring, uplifting and energising account of some good news stories behind the headlines.
Finding the Peacemakers
by Dan Morice
My review:

This is a book about faith and hope as discovered by a former geography teacher who toured the world seeking to find good news stories behind the headlines of war and conflict.

If you read nothing else in this book, take a look at the story of the 33 Chilean miners who spent 69 days underground before finally being rescued.

This book is part reportage, part memoir, part travelogue as the author makes different journeys into different communities all around the world.

It begins with the extraordinary story of the Chilean miners - I can remember hearing about the disaster on the news and how we all hoped that the men would be found, but prepared ourselves for the worst. This is an amazing account of those events and leaves you awe-struck. I'll say no more, read it! 

Inspired by all he discovered in Chile, the author goes on to investigate people and communities in war zones and troubled lands, but also places closer to home, such as Bristol! He shows how people seek to help and support each other and show kindness. He describes how people try to resolve disagreements and conflict, often as simply and quietly as spending time listening. 

It's a thought-provoking, uplifting and hopeful book of individuals and communities seeking to make a difference. 

Date of my review February 2023
Book publication date: 25th February 2021