Details for 'The Boy Who Made Monsters' by Jenny Pearson

The Boy Who Made Monsters

by Jenny Pearson
Recommended age: 9+
A fabulous adventure in Scotland searching for Loch Ness with a young boy whose dealing with the monsters in his own tragic story. Amazingly funny and uplifting while also dealing with grief, loss and uncertainty.
The Boy Who Made Monsters
by Jenny Pearson
My review:

This is a fabulous book built around a tragic concept. It's told with humour and inventiveness and is a real delight - aimed at readers aged nine and above.

There are lots of different types of monsters. Some can be found at sea, some live at the bottom of lochs and others can inhabit your mind.

Benji and his little brother Stanley have to move to Scotland to live with their uncle. Their parents have been missing for months so they need to have a new home but Benji hasn't lost hope that Mum and Dad are coming back.

Their Uncle Hamish means well but things aren't easy for him either. And his tourism business on the banks of Loch Ness isn't doing well. Benji thinks he has the answer. If he can show everyone that the Loch Ness Monster really does exist, people will arrive in their droves and Uncle Hamish's business will be saved.

With his new friend Murdy and Mr Dog, the dog, Benji tries to get proof of Loch Ness. Their adventure means that Benji also has to face the monster in his own life, his personal tragic loss.

This is an astonishing story being both funny and sad. It's a perfectly paced page-turner with great characterisation and a powerful message of courage, resourcefulness and grief. Loved it!

Date of my review March 2023
Book publication date: 6th July 2023