Details for 'Peril in the Atlantic' by AM Howell

Peril in the Atlantic

by AM Howell
Recommended age: 8+
The first in a new series of Mysteries at Sea, this is a fabulous adventure.
Peril in the Atlantic
by AM Howell
My review:

AM Howell is a Suffolk writer who I've followed from her first book, The House of One Hundred Clocks. They're brilliantly paced adventures with great characters, and set in a variety of periods but usually with a local link. This though is the first of a new series which is a little different, but I loved it! She just gets better and better!

It's 1936 and the Queen Mary is about to set sail. Alice's father is the captain and she is joining him aboard for the first time. She's full of excitement for all that lies ahead, not least because her father is taking part in a prestigious competition. It may mean he's a little distracted, and she has promised to stay out of trouble, but there's a real buzz in the atmosphere.

However, it's soon clear there's something afoot. Alice witnesses a shocking attack and she's soon aware that someone is keen to sabotage her father's efforts in the competition. What's more conditions at sea get perilous.

With her new friend Sonny, Alice needs to do all she can to help her father and ensure the safety of all on the ship, but in the process further mysteries unfold which will impact the lives of the two young friends.

It's a great read! Perhaps the rise in the modern day cruise industry is prompting these adventure stories - because this isn't the only children's book to be set on a cruise liner - but there is a timeless, nostalgic, romantic atmosphere in a voyage across the sea and I loved this book and will be keen to read the subsequent tales.

Date of my review May 2023
Book publication date: 3rd August 2023