Details for 'The Magician's Daughter' by Caryl Lewis

The Magician's Daughter

by Caryl Lewis
Recommended age: 8+
A warm, wonderful story about magic, friendship and family and new beginnings.
The Magician's Daughter
by Caryl Lewis
My review:

Abby's dad has been trying to make a go of his magic show but since his wife, Abby's mum, died, he just hasn't been able to get it right. She was the star performer after all.

He decides to give it up and get a job in a care home but soon realises he has a gift he can share with the residents there, and Abby may be able to help.

She's found a mysterious old book in her mother's things. At first it looks full of undecipherable text written in a code. However it seems to be full of magic spells and it could prove the answer to all her dad's problems.

Together father and daughter perform new shows using the spells from the book and achieve extraordinary feats. But as each spell is used, it disappears from the book. 

This is a wonderful story, perfectly paced with great characters full of hope and positivity. Loved it! 

Date of my review June 2023
Book publication date: 15th June 2023