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Home from home

by George Alagiah
A beautifully told memoir on what it is like to be an immigrant in Britain and become one of our most loved and respected journalists.
Home from home
by George Alagiah
My review:

George Alagiah was born in Sri Lanka. His family moved to Ghana and then to Britain. He begins by telling of his experience at boarding school where his appearance, speech and background were all unusual and, in order not to be bullied and picked on, he sought to fit in as much as possible.

He met his wife at university and he touches on how their plans to marry were received by their families. He describes some of his experiences meeting different communities as a foreign correspondent. Another chapter records how he visited Sri Lanka with his family in adulthood: how he was received there, how he felt about returning as someone who had 'made good' and who had become assimilated into another society and culture.

The book interweaves his personal experiences, choices and challenges with observations on the multicultural society of the early 2000s.

He looks at segregation and integration, racism and race relations. There are no easy answers, but he shares his own particular perspective. And ultimately, he believed then that if wealthy nations didn't address the ever-growing gap between them and poorer countries, the queue to enter them would continue and grow. 

It is a very readable, insightful and ultimately hopeful book from a much-loved, respected and trusted journalist who will be greatly missed. 

Date of my review August 2023
Book publication date: 5th July 2007