Details for 'Yours from the Tower' by Sally Nicholls

Yours from the Tower

by Sally Nicholls
Recommended age: 12+
A nostalgic tale of three young women in 1896 returning to their very different lives after boarding school. Told in letters, with a modern slant.
Yours from the Tower
by Sally Nicholls
My review:

With a glorious cover there is a nostalgic feel with a modern slant. For readers aged twelve upwards, it's a story of three young women told in letters.

It's 1896 and three friends have left boarding school and returned to their very different lives.

Polly is teaching in an orphanage. Sophia is looking for a rich husband at the London Season. And Tirzah is an unpaid companion to her grandmother. 

In a series of letters, they share their hopes, their frustrations, their dramas and their romances.

It's a delightful book where the spirited young women really come alive, so much so that you feel you are joining in their friendship group and might start corresponding with them yourself! And there's an energy to the story too, so this would be a great book for a young reader who struggles with long chapters. 

Date of my review August 2023
Book publication date: 7th September 2023