Details for 'The Snow Girl' by Sophie Anderson

The Snow Girl

by Sophie Anderson
Recommended age: 8+
A magical, wintery tale of relationships won and lost. Very special.
The Snow Girl
by Sophie Anderson
My review:

This is a wonderfully atmospheric seasonal tale that sends shivers down your spine while warming your heart with its story of friendship, family, hopes and dreams.

Tasha is a solitary soul but she's happy with the love and companionship of her grandfather.

One snowy evening they go outside together to build a creature out of the snow - a snow girl.

It's a magical time and Tasha delights in discovering that in wishing her snow girl might come to life, she meets Alyana. But her best friend is made of winter, and their relationship won't last. The spring will soon be here.

It's a poignant story and very special. A story to read as a family by the fireside. Loved it.

Date of my review August 2023
Book publication date: 26th October 2023