Details for 'Have a Little Faith' by Kate Bottley

Have a Little Faith

by Kate Bottley
Part memoir, part life lessons, part introduction to faith, this is an entertaining and wide ranging read from the popular tv vicar!
Have a Little Faith
by Kate Bottley
My review:

Still known as the Gogglebox vicar even though she left the reality tv show in 2016, Kate Bottley is now an established and popular broadcaster. She presents Songs of Praise, hosts BBC Radio Two’s Sunday Hour and is a guest on a huge variety of tv panel shows. She no longer runs her own parish but acts as a supply vicar, and this is her first book.

It is divided into chapters with an interesting mix of themes - strength, success, conflict, confidence, loneliness, love and grief. She shares what she's learned through meeting people at the best and worst times of their lives in her role as a vicar, and also what insight she has gained through being in the public eye. 

She has criticisms about the church but ultimately wants to share a positive message about faith, the importance of authenticity in our leaders and considers her role on television and radio as a responsibility as well as, clearly, a great pleasure. She admits repeatedly that she loves being the centre of attention and wants to use it for good!

I found it enlightening to learn about her own struggles - her recent personal bereavement and also how she has coped with people taking it upon themselves to make some very wounding criticisms about her. 

Her voice comes over clearly in the style of writing which is chatty and eclectic in content. It's an enjoyable read with plenty of things to ponder about dealing with life...and making lasagne.

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Book publication date: 14th September 2023