Details for 'Operation Nativity' by Jenny Pearson

Operation Nativity

by Jenny Pearson
Recommended age: 7+
A funny, heartwarming time slip adventure where children are tasked with saving Christmas.
Operation Nativity
by Jenny Pearson
My review:

This is a rather charming, uplifting story about a family involved in putting on the annual nativity play in their grandparents' village, only this year they find that members of the cast played their part in the original story all those years ago. The ultimate time travelling fantasy for children aged seven upwards which provides a gentle reminder of the Bible story. 

When Oscar and Molly rush outside to investigate a crash in the night, they're not expecting to find a dazed Angel Gabriel wandering around their grandparents' back garden. And they're certainly not expecting to find themselves in a race to save Christmas.

But if they don't track down a missing shepherd, wise man, donkey and the actual Mary and Joseph, who've all crash-landed in Chipping Bottom, not only will Christmas cease to exist, but they will too. 

I was a bit dubious about this book to start with. It sounded rather ridiculous and irreverent! But I thought it rather lovely and heartwarming and it is certainly a fresh and entertaining way to be reminded of the original story of the nativity.

Date of my review November 2023
Book publication date: 9th November 2023