Details for 'Wild Woman' by Philippa Forrester

Wild Woman

by Philippa Forrester
Exploring the lives of women working and living in the natural environment and the qualities they need to survive and thrive.
Wild Woman
by Philippa Forrester
My review:

It's a strange mix of a book. I wonder if it started as one thing and became something else. It's certainly an interesting read for all its components.

Philippa Forrester left television to move with her family to America. Her husband had more opportunities to further his career and it seemed a wonderful adventure for all of them.

Sadly the marriage broke down and Philippa returned to the UK with her sons. It seems they had kept a house here but it was in quite an isolated, rural setting and needed a lot of work so the book details some of those challenges as well as her emotions at the loss of her marriage.

The subtitle of the book tells us nothing of this, however:  'Empowering Stories from Women Who Work in Nature'. Philippa introduces us to other women who have chosen to live and work among wildlife and the natural landscape - environmental biologists, conservationists, photographers. She considers the qualities they need to survive and thrive, what they gain from their lifestyle and how the environment benefits from their work and contribution.

It's a very readable book opening up individuals, occupations and parts of the world that may be unfamiliar and shows us different ways to live. And it has a beautiful front cover!

Date of my review November 2023
Book publication date: 29th February 2024