Details for 'Foxlight' by Katya Balen


by Katya Balen
Recommended age: 8+
A wonderful tale of family, a quest, the natural world and the stories we tell ourselves.
by Katya Balen
My review:

The author of the rather wonderful 'October, October' has produced another gem with this book, also aimed at readers aged nine upwards.

Fen and Rey are twin sisters who were found abandoned, curled up in the fur of foxes at the edge of the woodlands. They are looked after and grow up happily together but they long to find their mother and learn where they came from.

When a fox appears at their house one night, they believe it is a sign and together they decide to pack a bag and make their way to the wildland to find some answers.

So begins a journey of discovery, fraught with challenges and hardship.

It's a book about sisters, found family, resourcefulness and overcoming. It's also about the stories we tell ourselves. It's rather wonderful! 

Date of my review November 2023
Book publication date: 28th September 2023