Details for 'Supercommunicators' by Charles Duhigg


by Charles Duhigg
Some people are great at facilitating discussions and aiding decisionmaking. What can we learn from them?
by Charles Duhigg
My review:

The key to any good relationship is communication! So what can we learn from the people who do it best - 'supercommunicators'?

The author introduces us to a CIA operative who engages a reluctant spy, we find out how a jury member challenges others on a verdict, and a doctor wins over a vaccine sceptic. And there are techniques we too can use to connect effectively.

This is an intriguing and very readable book which unpicks the different types of conversations we all have every day of our lives. And it highlights why some go smoothly and others disintegrate. 

There are tips on how we can approach these conversations better, but also how we can retrieve them when they've gone wrong.

Through describing the characteristics and situations of the 'supercommunicators' - people who can guide a conversation effortlessly - we are given inspiring case studies, supported with details of current research.

The aim is to help us change the way we think about what we say and how we say it, aiding decision making and facilitating connections. A great read - now to put it into practice!

Date of my review February 2024
Book publication date: 22nd February 2024