Details for 'The Day My Dog Got Famous' by Jen Carney

The Day My Dog Got Famous

by Jen Carney
Recommended age: 7+
A warm, funny, big-hearted book about a boy who's good at drawing who has a dog who isn't good at tricks. And much more.
The Day My Dog Got Famous
by Jen Carney
My review:

With its simple, fun illustrations and bold, well-spaced type this is a book that will appeal to readers aged seven plus. But it does address some big themes - family, fostering, two mums, social media, bullying, truth and deception, all handled in a light, sensitive and uplifting way. It's a good book! But I almost didn't read it as the first couple of chapters were a bit odd, the humour didn't set the right tone for the rest of the book. So don't let that put you off! 

The one thing Ferris thinks he's good at is drawing and he's got quite a following for his cartoons of family life and 'Astoundog' which he sells to his schoolfriends.

But when class breaks up for the summer holidays, he's gutted that he hasn't won the art competition and an intense rivalry begins with his next-door neighbour Destiny.

She has started posting reels on social media about her dog doing tricks. Ferris thinks his dog Aldo is so much better than her poodle in every way, but Aldo isn't very talented.

Then Tia, Ferris's new foster sister, suggests some creative ways for presenting Aldo in a better light and he gets spotted by a TV company.

This is a warm, funny and big-hearted story which I really enjoyed reading. Ferris is a good guy who looks out for his foster family and he loves his best friend, Aldo. Lots of positive messages here about working out what's important in life, too. 

Date of my review March 2024
Book publication date: 1st February 2024