Details for 'Sounds Good' by Hans Konnecke and illustrated by Ole Konnecke

Sounds Good

by Hans Konnecke and illustrated by Ole Konnecke
Recommended age: 4+
A wonderful mix of fun illustrations and fascinating facts about musical instruments. Something here for all ages but aimed at 4-8 years.
Sounds Good
by Hans Konnecke and illustrated by Ole Konnecke
My review:

I loved the whimsical image of the front cover of this book, but wasn't expecting what was inside: there are lots more amusing animals playing a vast variety of musical instruments! 

This isn't a storybook but a fun information guide with a musical accompaniment.

There are 50 instruments presented here - many of them unusual and unfamiliar (to me, at least) - and each one has a short but intriguing description included. Did you know that it takes only 30 seconds to master the kazoo, for example?! Or which instrument only has one note?

Aspects of history, music theory and culture are touched upon as well as details about how instruments are made and played.

The text sits alongside gloriously amusing pictures of animals participating in playing or listening to the music - a goat strumming a ukulele or a beaver blowing a tuba.

Discreetly positioned with each wonderful illustration is a QR code which directs the reader to an original piece of music, composed by an award-winning musician, introducing the instrument being described. And the code on the cover takes you to a full band bringing all the instruments together. It's aimed at children of 4-8 years, but it's fun and informative for any age. Fantastic!

Date of my review March 2024
Book publication date: 1st March 2024