Details for 'Champion Thinking' by Simon Mundie

Champion Thinking

by Simon Mundie
Learning lessons on life from sporting champions.
Champion Thinking
by Simon Mundie
My review:

I do like a book about business management, but sports books come a close second! I'm keen to find out what motivates people to achieve and excel, and what we can learn from them.

This book, by the sports journalist and presenter Simon Mundie, does it beautifully - he introduces us to sporting champions and tells us what drives them, and what life lessons they can share.

As the sports reporter for BBC Radio 1 for some 10 years, Simon Mundie has attended most high-profile sporting events in the recent past, and he has interviewed the key protagonists.

Each chapter of this book takes us to familiar sporting figures and describes the highs and the lows in their careers - Will Carling, Andy Murray, Johnny Wilkinson, Caitlyn Jenner...

Many sports are covered here - rugby, tennis, rowing - but this is also about life. What happens if you are paralysed in a diving accident? How do you cope if you go from hero to zero through the decisions of observers and commentators? What do you do about self-doubt and anxiety when a team and a nation is depending on you to perform?

Even though this book highlights individuals who have excelled in their chosen area of talent and expertise, there is so much for every reader to gain through the insights the author and his interviewees share here. 

It's a real page-turner of a book which is inspiring, stimulating and uplifting. The author encourages us to think about living in the moment and to focus on thriving rather than surviving. In these times where there's widespread stress and anxiety, it's an uplifting and enabling read. I hope you'll give it a try!

Date of my review March 2024
Book publication date: 18th January 2024