Details for 'The Black Hole Cinema Club' by Christopher Edge

The Black Hole Cinema Club

by Christopher Edge
Recommended age: 9+
Five friends settle in for a movie marathon at their local cinema, then a wave crashes out of the screen sweeping them into an epic adventure.
The Black Hole Cinema Club
by Christopher Edge
My review:

I've enjoyed other books by this writer for 9-12-year-olds because they are always so inventive. The adventures experienced by the characters are often founded on some aspect of science, making normally puzzling concepts seem accessible and exciting. In this book he explores virtual reality, time travel, the edge of the universe and the end of the world. Nothing too ambitious?!

Lucas and his friends regularly meet at the local cinema, called 'The Black Hole'. As film fanatics, they particularly enjoy the movie marathon where they have no idea what will be included in the screening. They can be sure, though, there will be plenty of action and special effects and all the snacks they can eat.

But as the lights go down, the five friends are stunned when a jet-black tidal wave comes crashing out of the cinema screen and they are all swept into an epic adventure.

There are lost cities, prehistoric creatures, impossible missions. Will they be able to fulfil the tasks set out for them? Will they survive? 

This is an extraordinary story. I found it rather exhausting because the pace was relentless. It certainly raised your heart rate and left you breathless as you lived through each adventure with the five characters. Inventive and exciting - particularly appealing to anyone who loves their blockbuster movies!

Date of my review April 2024
Book publication date: 14th March 2024