Details for 'Me and Aaron Ramsey' by Manon Steffan Ros

Me and Aaron Ramsey

by Manon Steffan Ros
Recommended age: 8+
Sam and his dad both love football. But a tragic accident rocks the family, exposes their difficulties and threatens to rob them of their common bond.
Me and Aaron Ramsey
by Manon Steffan Ros
My review:

Having read the award-winning 'The Blue Book of Nebo' by this author, and seeing her talk about her work on Zoom during lockdown, I've been eager to read more - and she's written quite a number of books for children, in Welsh and English. This is her latest, for readers aged 9-12. And, again, though it's a slim book, it's packed full of character and content - football, literacy, family, bullying, depression, resilience, hope, and more!  

Sam and his dad both love their football, and Sam particularly admires Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey. 

Father and son both think that football is the answer to everything but over a few short months, their faith in the sport is put to the test.

Sam's dad is a bit of a drifter and a dreamer. Family life can be a bit fraught as a result as Sam's mum feels she carries the burden of keeping them all together. 

But when Sam's dad gets a trial for a football team, it seems their fortunes are going to change. He's made an offer but on the way home to celebrate he's involved in a terrible car accident. 

The story then explores disability, depression, illiteracy (Sam's dad can't read or write), bullying and family breakdown. Oh, and Aaron Ramsey features in it too. It's all handled sensitively but convincingly.

The characters are beautifully drawn and ultimately there is hope and positivity. It's another brilliant book by a very accomplished writer.

Book publication date: 11th April 2024