Details for 'Meet Me at the Museum' by Anne Youngson

Meet Me at the Museum

by Anne Youngson
A charming innocence of a correspondence between strangers. Confidences are struck through revelations of loss and disappointment, and solace and friendship results. Delightful, and moving.
Meet Me at the Museum
by Anne Youngson
My review:

A charming correspondence begins between two strangers.

Tina is living in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and feels old and full of regret for plans unfulfilled. She writes to a history scholar she has never met, eager to make a connection, though realising she may be many years too late.

Anders is a lonely museum curator living in Denmark, and he has to answer Tina's letter with news that her history scholar has long since passed away.

Politely, apologetically and tentatively, Tina and Anders undertake an exchange of letters which becomes increasingly revealing and confiding.

Anders has lost his wife, along with his hopes and dreams for the future. His daughter is making very modern decisions that he struggles to understand. Tina is trapped in a marriage where she is living and working with a man with whom she has no common interest.

Tina and Anders share their observations on life, their personal stories of joy and sorrow, and their sense of consolation - at last they have both found someone who will listen and understand. 

The book is moving, amusing and thought-provoking. It is beautifully written - first you lose yourself in their lives, then you leave the book pondering your own.

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Date of my review April 2018