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Lindsay McCrae My Penguin Year

Friday 1st November 2019, 8.00pm
Venue: Woodbridge Library
Tickets: £20 including the book, one additional ticket £10 without the book

It had been a miserable day, wet and cold, with a forecast for gales to come, but nothing compared with all that Lindsay McCrae endured for 11 months in Antarctica.

The award-winning wildlife cameraman arrived in good time, dressed in jeans and fleece with a small backpack - very unassuming and nothing like the publicity shots where he's bearded, covered in ice and in his snowsuit. After checking that 'the tech' was all set, he immediately took his seat signing copies of the book 'My Penguin Year' for guests as they arrived.

There was great anticipation for his talk, as many had seen the brilliant footage he captured for the BBC ‘Dynasties’ series which aired last year.

When everyone had arrived, we turned off the lights and Lindsay began.

Showing images and video clips of penguins, crew and weather conditions, Lindsay spoke with great confidence and clarity.

Filming emperor penguins was the fulfillment of a childhood dream but meant spending an entire year 15,000km from home. Winter lasted eight months when no one could get in or out of their station on the ice, and he had to leave his new wife who would give birth to their first child while he was away.

In this illustrated talk, Lindsay shared the highs and lows of the experience, as well as giving further insight into the lives of these extraordinary birds.

Tickets were £20 and included a copy of 'My Penguin Year' (RRP £20). One additional ticket may be purchased without the book for £10. Many people bought a second copy of the book after listening to Lindsay's talk!

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Comments from members of the audience:

Just to say how much we enjoyed last evening. My friend bought another copy of the book and I’m already half way through mine! What a lovely chap and wonderfully presented story. Well worth all the effort you must have put in to organising it - thank you. Julie

Thanks Catherine. We thought Lindsay was excellent and a very engaging speaker. Carol

Listen to a recording of this event:
My Penguin Year
by Lindsay McCrae

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