Event photos

Emma Chichester Clark with her dog, Plum

Sunday 16th August 2015, 2.00pm
Venue: Browsers Bookshop
Tickets: Free

The much-loved author-illustrator, Emma Chichester Clark visited a quiet and murky Woodbridge this afternoon.

It had been a glorious morning but at lunchtime turned cold and grey. Emma brought sunshine and warmth into the bookshop, though, when she arrived at 2pm with her dog, Plum.

Everyone cooed and smiled when they saw Plum, who was astonishingly placid and composed. She seemed very different from how we see her in her diary in 'Plumdog' and not at all naughty, unlike the incidents presented in Emma's new book for children ‘Love is My Favourite Thing’.

Plum received a lot of fuss and attention and a few biscuits and treats as she waited for Emma to sign copies of her books for the bookshop customers.

At 4pm the children, the parents, and a number of adults gathered around the rug on the floor to hear Emma talk about her plans for the next book about Plum which will be published in the spring. Then Emma read from the new book. It was the first time that Plum had heard it read out loud and she got very confused as Emma said she was 'a bad dog', when she was behaving beautifully.

There was just time for a photo of Emma and Plum with some of the children before we had to lock up the bookshop and go home for tea.

Event photos