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Emily Hauser

Thursday 28th January 2016, 7.30pm
Venue: Woodbridge Library
Tickets: £5 with refreshments

We have all heard of Helen, whose beauty launched a thousand ships, but why has nobody thought to tell the story of the fall of Troy from the viewpoints of the women involved?

‘For the Most Beautiful’ does just that, re-imagining the Iliad from the perspective of the women who were there.

The novel is “a feast for the senses, richly described and effortlessly easy to read” according to tv presenter and historian Michael Scott.

The author is Emily Hauser who grew up in Woodbridge, studied in Cambridge under Mary Beard and is now pursuing a PhD in Yale University.

In her brief visit home from the USA, I was pleased to host Emily at an event for students at Woodbridge School, and at an evening event for Browsers Bookshop in Woodbridge Library.

We had a packed and attentive audience including a number of Emily's former teachers. Her passion for her subject was infectious.

Tickets were £5 from Browsers Bookshop.

Event photos