Simon Heffer in conversation

Tuesday 26th November 2019, 7.30pm
Venue: Browsers Bookshop

The Great War evokes images of barbed wire and mud-filled trenches but also saw astonishing change on the home front.

The period saw the emancipation of women and notions of better health care and education, and pointed towards a less deferential, more egalitarian future.

Simon Heffer has enjoyed a 30 year career on Fleet Street with senior editorial positions on 'The Daily Telegraph' and 'Spectator'. He is now a columnist for 'The Daily Telegraph' and 'The Sunday Telegraph'.

He has written extensively and this volume is the third of what will be a four book series on Britain from 1838 to 1939.

Tickets are £25 to include a copy of the book (RRP£30), or £12 without the book.

Details from Browsers Bookshop 01394 388890

Staring at God
by Simon Heffer