The Great Level
by Stella Tillyard
Date recommended: 30 March 2020
Reasons to be cheerful
by Nina Stibbe
Date recommended: 8 January 2020
Before the Coffee Gets Cold
by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
What would you change if you could go back in time? This Japanese novel invites us to follow four visitors to a Tokyo cafe as they revisit their past but must be sure to return to the present before the coffee gets cold.
Date recommended: 3 December 2019
by Michelle Paver
A gothic novel with a disturbing and haunting Suffolk setting. Motherless Maud battles with a world full of superstition, folklore and legends and a father whose obsession is taking him to madness. A terrifying but gripping read, powerfully told.
Date recommended: 6 November 2019
The Butterfly Room
by Lucina Riley
Date recommended: 1 October 2019
A Modern Family
by Helga Flatland
Date recommended: 3 September 2019
The Horseman
by Tim Pears
An account of farmers and horsemen through the agricultural year, in Devon in 1911. Said to be beautifully written and a novel to be savoured, not rushed, what will we think of it?
Date recommended: 6 August 2019
Death in the Dordogne
by Martin Walker
A murder mystery set in rural France, introducing Bruno, chief of police - someone we'd all want to have on our side.
Date recommended: 2 July 2019
by Polly Clark
Date recommended: 4 June 2019
How it ends
by Saskia Sarginson
Set in Suffolk in the 1950s, this is the tale of a family which is destroyed by a terrible secret. Join in the on air discussion by phone, email or text!
with the author, Saskia Sarginson
Date recommended: 7 May 2019