Books set in Suffolk

Anyone for Edmund?
by Simon Edge
A comic tale setting the already extraordinary story of the medieval saint Edmund against the shenanigans of modern British government.
The Babysitter
by Phoebe Morgan
One summer, in Suffolk a body is found draped over a baby's cot, but the baby is missing. In France a family holiday is interrupted by the police making an arrest for murder. How are the families connected, what secrets are they hiding, and where is the baby? Published 28 May 2020.
by Michelle Paver
A gothic novel with a disturbing and haunting Suffolk setting. Motherless Maud battles with a world full of superstition, folklore and legends and a father whose obsession is taking him to madness. A terrifying but gripping read, powerfully told.
The Butterfly Room
by Lucinda Riley
Buried Crown
by Ally Sherrick
Set in wartime Suffolk, steeped in the myths of the Sutton Hoo finds, this is a story of friendship, courage, superstition and faith.
Meet Me at the Museum
by Anne Youngson
A charming innocence of a correspondence between strangers. Confidences are struck through revelations of loss and disappointment, and solace and friendship results. Delightful, and moving. Published in May 2018.
One Wild Song
by Paul Heiney
Sailing alone in the Atlantic, Heiney takes time to remember his son's life. A beautiful book which is moving and insightful.
A Suspension of Mercy
by Patricia Highsmith
The Dandelion Years
by Erica James
A father and daughter, working with secondhand books, discover a diary hidden in an old Bible revealing lives at Bletchley Park during the war. A story of love and loss, grief and bereavement, old and new relationships.
The Hidden Girl
by Louise Millar
A couple move to Suffolk in the hope of adopting a child, but the house they are renovating holds unsettling secrets.