Monthly Book Group

Each month I host an open meeting in Woodbridge in Suffolk. We used to meet in the town's bookshop but now gather together in a nearby hall. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in but please let me know you are planning on coming along. Sign up to the e-newsletter here to receive details. Scroll down to take a look at the titles we've read over the year, and view the archive for past discussions.

NEW - Book Group in Framlingham at Ottie and the Bea - details here

Woodbridge Book Group List for 2010

7th November 2010
by Monica Ali

A disappointing read which promised much but didn't deliver. Unbelievable characters and a messy plot. One member of the group championed the story.

3rd October 2010
by Sebastian Faulks

A disturbing book, but cleverly written. The group was divided in their enjoyment of the story, but most could appreciate the skill of the author.

5th September 2010
by William Fiennes

Everyone loved the book and wanted to share the passages that particularly moved them. Beautiful writing and a powerful account of love and sacrifice.

1st August 2010
by Niccolo Ammaniti

Powerful and sensual descriptions presented the heat of the summer, the colour of the landscape and the sense of foreboding. A wonderful, shocking book.

4th July 2010
by Tove Jansson

A disturbing and haunting story, which proved a surprise to many, from this author.

19th June 2010
by Terry Pratchett

Quite different from the Discworld series, but those who hated this book got quite cross with those who loved it!

2nd May 2010
by Colm Tobin

The meeting divided into two, equally impassioned, groups: a book of beautiful description and powerful characterisation, or frustrating and unbelievable.

7th March 2010
by Stefan Zweig

A stunning book which enthralled the group. The discussion flowed without any need for prompts. So much to enjoy, puzzle and trouble over, and to admire.

7th February 2010
by Chris Cleave

A lesson in not believing the hype. A trite, manipulative interpretation of a serious subject with a terrible ending - everyone agreed!

3rd January 2010
by Margaret Attwood

A disturbing, but plausible, account of the future, with many intrigued by the issues raised by the author, and keen to read her other book 'The Year of the Flood'.