Browsers Book Group list for 2007

Each month I host an open meeting for Browsers Bookshop, Woodbridge in Suffolk, now held in a nearby hall. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in but please let me know you are planning on coming along. Sign up to the e-newsletter here to receive details. Scroll down to take a look at the titles we've read over the year, and view the archive for past discussions.

4th November 2007
by David Mitchell

Quite different from 'Cloud Atlas', many were surprised that they enjoyed this book.

7th October 2007
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

A vivid insight into the politics of Nigeria, enjoyed by most of the group.

5th August 2007
by Kate Atkinson

A murder mystery with great characterisation and humour. The women loved it, the men hated it - they wanted more plot and less introspection.

3rd June 2007
by Jed Rubenfeld

Not a great work of literature, but some in the group enjoyed it so resulting in a good discussion.

1st April 2007
by Carl Hiaasen

A light thriller full of cliches and inconsistencies. There was some humour, but overall this wasn't liked.

4th March 2007
by Zadie Smith

Members of the group who also read Howard's End, the inspiration for this book, were enthusiastic in their praise of both books!

4th February 2007
by Garrison Keillor

Full of anticipation for this author, this was not well received.