Monthly Book Group

Each month I host an open meeting in Woodbridge in Suffolk. We used to meet in the town's bookshop but now gather together in a nearby hall. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in but please let me know you are planning on coming along. Sign up to the e-newsletter here to receive details. Scroll down to take a look at the titles we've read over the year, and view the archive for past discussions.

NEW - Book Group in Framlingham at Ottie and the Bea - details here

Woodbridge Book Group List for 2014

24th November 2014
by Shani Boianjiu

There was almost unanimous disappointment with this book. Powerful monthly magazine short stories did not transfer to a satisfying or coherent novel.

27th October 2014
by Audrey Magee

Beautiful, sparse writing presenting complex and sobering issues. A thought-provoking read which prompted a lively discussion.

29th September 2014
by Karen Joy Fowler

An astonishing book which puzzled, troubled, amused and moved the group. So many themes to explore - relationships, family, science, animal rights, guilt, grief...

1st September 2014
by Tim Winton

There was too much here for one discussion! Powerful poetic language, humour, vivid characterisation, a huge array of themes and issues to ponder and puzzle over.

28th July 2014
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Most were puzzled by the book. Some enjoyed the humour, others liked exploring the deeper meaning, a few were disappointed.

30th June 2014
by Claire Messud

A polarity of views: some responded to the humour and insightful writing, fascinated by themes of betrayal and disillusionment, others couldn't relate to the characters.

2nd June 2014
by Neil Gaiman

A divided response - some were frustrated by the fantasy element: what's the point? For others the book spoke to them profoundly about their own childhood.

28th April 2014
by John Williams

A bleak account of an unfulfilled life, but most of the group appreciated the truth, realism and beautiful writing.

31st March 2014
by Ruth Ozeki

With so many themes, such a puzzling concept and two gripping narratives, everyone declared this the perfect book group book!

24th February 2014
by Paul Torday

An animated and empassioned discussion with everyone agreeing they couldn't put the book down, even if they felt they wanted to!

27th January 2014
by Jan-Philipp Sendker

Elements of this story of love and loss did not ring true, but most felt that it didn't detract from a beautiful, engrossing, magical tale.