Rebuilding the Ruins

by Samara Levy
Rebuilding the Ruins
by Samara Levy

Many of us are touched, moved, shocked and challenged by stories we see in the news. Yet most of us do very little in response, soon moving on to focus again on the day-to-day concerns in our own lives.

Samara Levy was a young mother, a former nurse, living on the south coast of England. She felt she couldn't stand by and do nothing when she saw how women like her, with children just like hers, were experiencing terrible suffering.

She looked around her home and saw how she might share some of the clothes and belongings with these Syrian women - if only she could get the items to them.

When Samara struggled to find anyone who was taking aid to the country, she felt called to do it herself.

First she filled a lorry.

After four years she had sent 101 containers.

She has distributed aid to 350,000 people in the Middle East and has visited war-torn Syria to help with the distribution herself, and to gain further insight into what more is needed.

The work has been carried out with a dedicated team of volunteers who have shared Samara's vision, and as word has spread of her initiative, she has gained funding, donations and provisions which have far exceeded her expectations.

This book is a remarkable account of what one woman has been able to achieve, and it is hugely inspiring. Samara urges us all to do something, anything, no matter how small, rather than to stand by thinking ourselves helpless.

The book tells the horrifying story of what is happening in Syria to innocent people, and how we should be stepping outside politics to reach out to children in particular, to build hope and to offer love and peace to the next generation.

It is a book which shares a deep and personal relationship with God. Samara's willingness to step out, to step forward, in faith is rewarded with miraculous events, prophetic words, visions and answers to prayer.

This is an amazing and powerful story to turn to again and again. Stunning and shocking.


Review date: July 2019
Publication date: 27th August 2019