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by William Boyd
Publication date: 6th April 2023
by Claire Parkin
Publication date: 21st March 2024
by Paula Sutton
Publication date: 4th April 2024
by Jessica Bull
Novelist Jane Austen finds herself the investigator of a murder when her younger brother is implicated in the crime.
Publication date: 25th January 2024
by Alexia Casale
Publication date: 14th March 2024
by Tom Hindle
A glamorous setting for a society wedding, but tragic events reveal the lives of power and success aren't all they seemed.
Publication date: 18th January 2024
by Emily Howes
Publication date: 29th February 2024
by Robert Galbraith
Private detective Cormoran Strike and his partner, Robin Ellacott are investigating a religious community in Norfolk. A great read!
Publication date: 26th September 2023
by Olivia Ford
Publication date: 28th March 2024
by Claire Keegan
Publication date: 3rd November 2022
by Elly Griffiths
Set largely in a writer's retreat and with a motley crew investigating some suspicious, literary, deaths, it is wonderfully compelling, and there's humour too.
Publication date: 30th January 2024
by Araminta Hall
Two young women go missing and the man who last saw them is under suspicion. But don't jump to conclusions...
Publication date: 4th January 2024
by Alex Michaelides
A group of friends holiday on an island, but there's a murderer in their midst and we are constantly being wrongfooted as we learn their story.
Publication date: 1st February 2024
by Alan Johnson
Set in the world of politics, journalism, police and crime, in London and Crete with a romance as well as a mystery to solve.
Publication date: 25th May 2023
by Sarah Crossan
Publication date: 23rd May 2024
by Ann Napolitano
The story of a romance, a marriage, and a family. Wow!
Publication date: 13th July 2023
by James Henry
Wonderfully atmospheric - this is a bitterly cold coastal Essex in 1991, where the detectives puzzle over a recent murder, suicide and arson.
Publication date: 1st February 2024
by Tara French
Publication date: 7th March 2024
by Richard Armitage
Wonderfully compelling thriller set in a conference in Geneva where a scientific breakthrough brings death, deception and intrigue. Loved it!
Publication date: 12th October 2023
by George Saunders
Publication date: 8th February 2018