BBC Radio Suffolk book club reviews

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by Matt Haig
It's midnight on Nora's last day on earth and she is transported to a library. This is where she can explore what else might have happened in her life, if she'd made different choices. Described as 'a beautiful fable', 'a brilliant premise and great fun', what will we think of it? 
Date selected: 6th April 2021
by Clare Pooley
The lives of six strangers collide when they pick up a notebook and confront the truth about their lives. A lose-yourself, uplifting read with a serious theme to ponder.
Date selected: 2nd March 2021
by Jojo Moyes
Set in 1930s America where a team of women on horseback delivered library books to isolated communities. This is the fictional account of the life of one of those women. What did we think of it? Listen to the comments from our March book club.
Date selected: 2nd February 2021
by John Le Carre
Nat is nearing the end of his career with MI6 when a new badminton partner takes him down a dangerous path. This is Le Carre's last novel. How does it compare to his other work? Listen to the comments in our February book club.
Date selected: 5th January 2021
by Polly Clark
Four stories interlinked to tell different facets of the life of the endangered Siberian tiger.
Date selected: 1st December 2020
by Ann Patchett
A story of family through the perspective of the house they've shared. It's about choices, mistakes and hope, viewed through time.
Date selected: 3rd November 2020
by Christine Féret-Fleury
A magical, amusing and poignant story of the joy of reading, set in Paris.
Date selected: 6th October 2020
by Simon Edge
A comic tale setting the already extraordinary story of the medieval saint Edmund against the shenanigans of modern British government.
Date selected: 1st September 2020
by Benjamin Myers
An unlikely friendship between a 16-year-old miner's son and an eccentric elderly woman, set on the Yorkshire coast one summer after the second world war, this book has been described as 'full of warmth and kindness'. What will we think of it?
Date selected: 4th August 2020
by Lucy Foley
A group of friends gather in a remote, luxury, hunting lodge in Scotland for a fun reunion. But as the snow falls, one of them goes missing. This murder-mystery has consistently topped the charts. What will we think of it?
Date selected: 2nd June 2020
by Rachel Joyce
We loved this book for its celebration of the power of music to heal, touch and uplift, as well as its compelling story, the strength of community, a belief in second chances and vivid, charming characters.
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Date selected: 5th May 2020
by Delia Owens
A beautiful, engrossing and unforgettable read, it's topped the bestseller charts and is due to be made into a film. We loved it!
Date selected: 7th April 2020
by Nina Stibbe
A wry account of a young woman leaving home for her first job as a dental assistant, growing up in the 1970s.
Date selected: 8th January 2020
by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
What would you change if you could go back in time? This Japanese novel invites us to follow four visitors to a Tokyo cafe as they revisit their past but must be sure to return to the present before the coffee gets cold.
Date selected: 3rd December 2019
by Michelle Paver
A gothic novel with a disturbing and haunting Suffolk setting. A brilliantly atmospheric and sinister read.
Date selected: 5th November 2019
by Tim Pears
An account of farmers and horsemen through the agricultural year, in Devon in 1911. Said to be beautifully written and a novel to be savoured, not rushed, what will we think of it?
Date selected: 6th August 2019