My book review of 'Potkin and Stubbs - The Haunting of Peligan City' by Sophie Green

by Sophie Green
Recommended age: 9+

Three months have passed since our duo have solved their first case: Lil, the aspiring reporter in her distinctive yellow coat, and her sidekick, the pale and interesting - ghost - Nedly.

Now strange things are happening at the doll hospital, but all the two can uncover is a new owner.

Meanwhile there is an epidemic of deaths at the notorious Fellgate Prison.

When the Klaxon breaks the news that City Hall is hushing up that ghosts are real and are terrorising the city, mass hysteria reigns in Peligan City.

Will Lil and Nedly solve the case, prevent more deaths, and get their scoop?

After being introduced to Lil and Nedly, Abe and Naomi, and life in Peligan City in book one, I was full of anticipation and trepidation with this second book. But it's delivered beyond my expecation. Even more humour, great characterisation and perfectly paced.

Review date: November 2019