My book review of 'A Sky Painted Gold' by Laura Wood

by Laura Wood
Recommended age: Teen
A Sky Painted Gold
by Laura Wood

It's the 1920s and 'The Great Gatsby', Agatha Christie and 'I Capture the Castle' all come to mind in reading this beautiful coming-of-age romantic adventure.

Lou's sister has left home and is setting up in married life, while Lou, an aspiring writer, is making decisions on her own future.

She stumbles into the lives of their neighbours, the wealthy Cardew family and Lou's hopes and plans are challenged.

She is delighted to experience the glamour and riches of her new friends, with the moonlit cocktail parties and lavish dresses. But there are dark secrets in the lives of these seemingly carefree socialites and how will they influence the decisions she needs to make about her career and relationships?

This is a delightful, escapist summer read, particularly for anyone who loves the 1920s and the Cornish coast!

Review date: June 2020
Publication date: 5th July 2018