My book review of 'The Shelf' by Helly Acton

by Helly Acton
The Shelf
by Helly Acton

Amy has been in a relationship for two years. All her friends are married and have children, and now she thinks it's her turn. So when her boyfriend tells her he's planned a special holiday, she thinks he's going to pop the question. Instead...

He dumps her on prime time television and leaves her in a 'Big Brother' style house with five women who have also been rejected by their partners.

The premise of the programme is for the women week by week to learn to better themselves and become marriageable material. They are given humiliating tasks and encouraged to do whatever it takes to be crowned the winner. 'The Keeper' will take home the million pound prize.

This is a brilliant book! Sadly because the concept is not unbelievable! But the women are strong, attractive personalities, and the lies they tell themselves as they settle for inadequate relationships are only too familiar. The misogyny and chauvinism, too, isn't far fetched. And the world of reality tv has been recreated perfectly - it's convincing and compelling.

This is an affirming, liberating, feminist message disguised as a fun, ingenious, easy read. I loved it!

Date of this review: June 2020
Book publication date: 9th July 2020