My book review of 'After the war' by Tom Palmer

After the war

by Tom Palmer
Recommended age: 8+
After the war
by Tom Palmer

At the end of the second world war, three hundred children arrived in England's Lake District from the Nazi concentration camps.

They became known as the Windermere Boys and their experience inspired this simply written story for middle grade readers, by this popular children's author.

Three friends, Yossi, Leo and Mordecai are among the three hundred. They are still beset with nightmares and grieve for their parents and siblings, and extended family, all believed lost in the atrocities.

Spending time beside Lake Windermere, appreciating the strong bonds of friendship, will they be able to rebuild their lives?

The narrative is sparse but the stark descriptions of the boys' past conjure a powerful response in the reader.

The author first heard of the Windermere Boys on a radio programme and, encouraged to imagine their story for a children's book, he undertook extensive research. This is acknowledged in the book, but he also has provided a number of creative resources on his website here.

Young readers of this book will undoubtedly have questions and I certainly was left wanting to know so much more about the Windermere Boys.

Review date: August 2020