My book review of 'The Girl Who Reads on the Metro' by Christine Féret-Fleury

by Christine Féret-Fleury
The Girl Who Reads on the Metro
by Christine Féret-Fleury

Juliette is tired of her job. The best thing about her day is the commute back and forth when she sits on the train and reads, and watches the other travellers with their books. What does their reading choice tell her about them?

One day, she takes time out from the office to walk the nearby streets and discovers a bookshop she's never visited before. It's rather unusual, and the owner even more so.

In their growing friendship, Juliette gains confidence in her belief in books to transform lives, and decides to take a new path.

This is a charming and quirky, gentle tale. The story slowly unfolds interwoven with musings about all things books. There is even an eclectic reading list in the final pages. Rather lovely!

Date of this review: November 2020
Book publication date: 17th October 2019