My book review of 'The Best of Matt 2020' by Matt Pritchett

by Matt Pritchett
The Best of Matt 2020
by Matt Pritchett

Looking at the past twelve months through the perspective of the 'Daily Telegraph' cartoonist, Matt Pritchett is quite a surprisingly uplifting experience.

Despite the grim situation we've had to face in 2020, these simple illustrations with their short but pithy captions are so gentle and apt, that they actually feel quite reassuring and affirming!

This isn't an angry or accusatory humour. Instead Matt quietly but astutely draws attention to the absurdity of some of the decisions affecting our lives at present, and flicking through the pages of this modest paperback brings a sense of community and cohesion, or just allows us to have a giggle. 

I urge you to take a look, and I hope it causes you to smile.

Date of this review: December 2020
Book publication date: 15th October 2020