My book review of 'How to be a Hero' by Cat Weldon

by Cat Weldon
Recommended age: 8+
How to be a Hero
by Cat Weldon

Whetstone is a Viking thief and Lotta is proving unsuccessful as a Valkyrie. Neither of them fit into their respective worlds, unable to deliver what their people expect of them. But when they stumble upon each other, their lives are changed forever.

Whetstone has lost his precious talking cup so will do anything to make amends, and Lotta is eager to gain approval from Valhalla so they embark on a journey to achieve a rightful heroic status.

However, Loki, the trickster god wants that magical cup and plans to unleash chaos across the nine worlds while Whetstone and Lotta seek always to keep one step ahead.

Funny, silly, but also a great, fast-paced fantasy adventure introducing readers to the fascinating and often bizarre world of the Vikings and their Norse Gods.

It's illustrated throughout by Katie Kear and, when you stop giggling, there are plenty of interesting themes to discuss as well as Norse Gods to investigate. There are puzzles at the back of the book and art projects to try on the author's website. 

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Date of this review: January 2021
Book publication date: 21st January 2021