My book review of 'Above the Law' by Adrian Bleese

by Adrian Bleese
Above the Law
by Adrian Bleese

For 12 years, Adrian Bleese flew in police helicopters over Suffolk as one of the few civilian air observers in the world.

He attended nearly 3,000 incidents and hardly ever learnt the outcome of the cases in which he was involved. He didn't know what happened to the missing people when they were found, the criminals when they were caught or the evidence he collected.

Nevertheless there were some assignments which were particularly notable. He was involved in the search for the victims in the Suffolk murders, various airborne car chases, raiding a cannabis factory in Lowestoft, shutting down an illegal rave in Tunstall Forest, pursuing UFOs and rescuing vulnerable walkers.

This is a hugely entertaining read. Adrian writes with real immediacy and warmth. He exhibits the dry, black humour so often evident in personnel within the emergency services, while also displaying a real compassion for the people whose lives he is observing whether he is protecting them or pursuing them. Brilliant!



Date of this review: April 2021
Book publication date: 19th July 2021